Can I use an externally defined model in Architect??

I have the model defined in an outside library and its location defined in the loader. This model is associated with some other components in the library.

When I try to add the class name of the model to my store, it prepends "appName.model" to the string I enter into Architect. I assume that I must define this model in Architect again.

While some of this is helpful, I'm finding that defining things once and moving them outside of Architect is necessary to keep from redoing things over and over.

I cannot move a component to the toolbox and use it over. If that component gets an update, I'd have to go to each of my projects and drag over the component and add all the configs back in each location it is used. If it is separate I can just use the xtype and correct errors in the component and it will be fixed everywhere.

I'm finding that I may be moving away from Architect for final projects and just use it to create parts.