I would like to put the Extjs source in a directory other than 'ext' inside my project and be able to use sencha cmd. I made the following changes:

1. .sencha/app/sencha.cfg --> ext.dir to point to ${workspace.dir}/extjs-4.1.1a
2. each theme config.rb --> changed $ext_path to point to extjs-4.1.1a

I am getting errors during the sencha app build production process -theme task
Building theme
Capturing theme images
com.sencha.exceptions.ExProcess: phantomjs process exited with code 2
loading page packages/xxx/theme.html
== Unhandled Error ==
ReferenceError: Can'''''''''t find variable: Ext

file ...... /manifest.js:1

I need the version number in the ext folder name to make upgrading easier in the future. Overwriting the ext folder and dealing with SVN is painful.

Any help would be appreciated.