Hey All,

I've used Sencha Touch for about years. It really give me a lot of surprise. However, what the things we all concern about is the performance on different Android devices. Some run it perfect, some don't. But what's the problem? I thought the reason is hardware, but I found that browser is the culprit.

I tried lots of devices. some is really worse. I'm very crazy when I run my app on these devices using it's native browser. It's almost unresponsive. Chrome just speed up a little. However I use another browser (I don't tell it's name in order to avoid ads suspects) it is speed up a lot. So I just want to know what is the key to affect it's performance. Is the browser kernel? Is there any way to create a Android Control like WebView (maybe ChromeWebView or some custom name you know) which based-on a fast browser kernel to used on Android native app. In this case, I think it can run more faster in most Android devices.