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    Default EXT 4.1.3: error when removing nodes from tree

    I try to remove a node from a tree

    node = tree.getRootNode().findChild("id", "myId", true);

    This produces an error in (the red line)
    The error occurs because store is of type TreeStore, and TreeStore does not have a remove function. It inherits from AbstractStore and the remove function is added in Store.When I remove the boolean (node.remove(false)) then there's no error, but the node is kept in the store...

    This error did not occur in Ext 4.1.1

    callback = function(operation)
    args = [me, operation];
    if (operation.wasSuccessful()) {
    for(storeCount = stores.length; i < storeCount; i++)
    { store = stores[i];
    store.remove(me, true);
    if (isNotPhantom) {
    store.fireEvent('write', store, operation);
    Ext.callback(options.success, scope, args);
    } else
    Ext.callback(options.failure, scope, args);
    Ext.callback(options.callback, scope, args);

    Any help would be appreciatedCaius Caesar
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