Hello All,

I've been working with Sencha Touch for about 2.5 months. I've built several apps to date and began working with Sencha as a way to compare against Flex AIR apps that I've been building for a year or so. I have a ST app for Android that I developed this week. It works well in Safari and I decided to put it on my Galaxy S3. Through trial and error I installed Ruby, Compass and Ant. I used Flex to generate the .APK file. Today I did a native build with the Sencha App Build Native command. All looked good. I connected my phone to the laptop and did a second build expecting the app to appear on the phone. No such luck. With a little more research I see that PhoneGap is probably my next step in this process. This brings me to my question and I will thank one and all in advance for your help. Is PhoneGap a prerequisite to getting my app onto my phone or am I making things to complex. It wouldn't be the first time. I did download PhoneGap and I see that you access it via Eclipse. Is this the right approach and if not what do you suggest?