it seems that the PagingComboBox is caching the last known search.


For example if you type in "test" in the Sencha GXT Explorer Demo and then again, there isn't a new load request.

I know this can be good for performance reasons but this is a problem, because if the data changes in this time, there won't be the updated (correct) data. There will be only the last known (wrong) data. Is there a way to disable the cache so, that the load request of the RpcProxy always is thrown and gets the new data from the server?

final ListStore<PlayerDto> store = new ListStore<PlayerDto>(props.id());                 
final ListView<PlayerDto, PlayerDto> view = new ListView<PlayerDto, PlayerDto>(store, new IdentityValueProvider<PlayerDto>());                 
view.setCell(new AbstractCell<PlayerDto>() {                        
public void render(Context context, PlayerDto value, SafeHtmlBuilder sb) {

final ComboBoxCell<PlayerDto> cell = new ComboBoxCell<PlayerDto>(store, props.label(), view);
final AppComboBox<PlayerDto> cbPlayer = new AppComboBox<PlayerDto>(cell, emptyText);

final RpcProxy<PagingLoadConfig, PagingLoadResult<PlayerDto>> proxy = new RpcProxy<PagingLoadConfig, PagingLoadResult<PlayerDto>>() {                         
public void load(PagingLoadConfig loadConfig, AsyncCallback<PagingLoadResult<PlayerDto>> callback) {
KickerServices.PAGING_SERVICE.getPagedPlayers(cbPlayer.getText(), loadConfig, callback);
final PagingLoader<PagingLoadConfig, PagingLoadResult<PlayerDto>> loader = new PagingLoader<PagingLoadConfig, PagingLoadResult<PlayerDto>>(proxy);
loader.addLoadHandler(new LoadResultListStoreBinding<PagingLoadConfig, PlayerDto, PagingLoadResult<PlayerDto>>(store));  
return cbPlayer;