Hi there,

we want to use a custom TreeLoader with support for paging. We possibly have (depending on the currently applied filter) a lot of children on the first level of the tree. Therefore we want to achieve something similar to the LiveGrid in the TreeGrid.

Thus the easiest way we thought to do this, was to create the necessary interfaces and beans for the LoadConfig and LoadResult and extend the PagingLoader to have a TreePagingLoader. (And of course create the necessary StoreBinding to insert the result in the TreeStore)

But due to the lack of an interface for TreeLoader it is not possible to set this loader in the TreeGrid since the PagingLoader is in another part of the Loader hierarchy. And extending from the TreeLoader would not be possible due to the constraint on Loader<M, List<M>> - which makes it impossible to use in conjunction with our LoadConfig and LoadResult.

We are currently using the most recent GXT version (3.0.1). From what I have seen from an earlier 2.x release there has been an interface (actually called exactly TreeLoader) and a default implementation, but the interface is not any more in GXT 3.

In case this extension makes sense to you and is useful for others too, can we contribute these changes?