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Thread: Pass URL to Sencha Compile

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    Default Pass URL to Sencha Compile


    We have been using the old Sencha SDK v2 for a while and our build process works quite well. I was looking at upgrading to v3, however I have hit a problem I cannot seem to resolve. In the old process we would call:

    sencha create jsb -a http://localhost/index.php?action=login -p login.jsb3


    sencha build -p login.jsb3 -d .

    The reason for the URL in the create jsb command is that within the loading process of the application we load a list of requires depending on which module is being loaded (uses the query string). This way not all our code is loaded depending on which part of the application is accessed. In the final output we actually have 5 sets of -classes.js files which we deploy.

    With thew "sencha compile" command I cannot find a way to do this, is this still possible? If not is my only option to declare this list of includes a different way?


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    Having the same issues. There's no good documentation on how to migrate to the new sencha cmd with an existing application or I'm missing it.

    I really liked the idea of sencha cmd picking up the application from a given url and generating it's jsb3 file then creating the application from it.

    Any ideas?

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