I am trying to train myself on the creation of iPad applications using native capabilities (camera, gps...) with Sencha Touch and Sencha Cmd and encountering issues when trying the "device" example app.

I am using:
  • Mac OS X 10.7.4
  • sencha-touch-2.1.0-gpl
  • SenchaCmd-
  • device example application
I have adjusted packager.json to point to right folders and files/certificates

I can run the following command without errors
  • sencha app package run packager.json
  • sencha app package packager.json
  • I get an empty white screen in iOS Simulator
  • I get an "Error installing application" when trying to install on iPad via iTunes
I tried without success adjusting various files to mimic things seen in video available athttp://vimeo.com/channels/sencha/37207689

Can anybody help?

How can I debug such an application?