Following along with the existing example:

I liked the idea of expanding a row to show a block of text, and so I was following the above example. I created a RowExpander that is practically a carbon-copy of what is in the example, however while the text in the example wraps in the Grid, the text in my application goes straight off to the right, no wrapping or '...' to indicate additional text either.

I'm not sure why the text would wrap in the example, yet not for my own grid. My grid was occupying the center area of a border layout container, thus expanding to the full available size, but sticking it in the western region and limiting its size still exhibited the same problem.

Is there some trick here I am missing? I'm using GXT 3.0.1 with GWT 2.4. The Grid itself is just 3 text columns + 1 for the row expansion column.

Thanks for any insights.