I developed a scatter chart with Sencha EXTJS that plots 1000+ dots. The problem is, the rendering of this chart takes too long to load on a browser. For instance, it takes 2+ minutes to load a 1000 dot chart. However, it gets exponentially slower with more dots. It takes 6+ minutes to load a 1500 dot chart.
For charts with less than 100 dots - it's more reasonable - takes about 10 seconds to load.

A lot of the processing is happening on the browser to generate the DOM to display the chart. The browser basically locks up until the rendering is complete and there is a huge spike in it's memory allocation. I believe this issue is not isolated to just dots, but also to bar charts and line charts that needs to display 1000+ items.

I even removed some of the extra perks - like animations from this chart, but that only saved about 10 seconds. Is there another way to reduce the time to load up this chart? Or is this one of the cons in using a client-side charting program instead of a server-side charting program?