Ext version tested:
  • Sencha touch

Browser versions tested against:
  • iOS6 Safari (iPad mini)

When I require 'Ext.device.Connection' and 'Ext.device.Device' to use the function Ext.device.Connection.isOnline(), it works fine in iOS safari (and on Android), but if I add the app to the home screen I get an error "e is undefined in" in file Ext.device.connection.Sencha in the function onConnectionChange.
The problem is that the home screen app is detected as a webview, and since it's not a phonegap app it's detected as a sencha webview.
But it is not a webview, you can't use the sencha device files... The app will get stuck on launcher...

Steps to reproduce the problem:
  • Require 'Ext.device.Connection' and 'Ext.device.Device'
  • Call Ext.device.Connection.isOnline()
  • Add the app to home screen on iOS

The result that was expected:
  • Get the navigator.onLine telling you if the device is online or not

The result that occurs instead:
  • A js error since it's detecting a webview instead of a safari app

Operating System:
  • iOS 6 on iPad mini