Dear All,
I use remote JSON based store for xtype: combo in ExtJS 4.0.7. When the form is loaded, I create the JSON structure:

{"data":  {   "country__name":    {     "name": "United States",      "id": 242  } }, "success": true}
Combobox is initialized and I see "United States"
If I repeat it in version 4.1, I see only text: "[object]"

OK, I try another way and change JSON for remote store to:

{"data":    {    "country__name":  242   }, "success": true}
I see text "242" in combobox now. When I preload all data to combobox, there is a text: "United States".

The problem is that the application can not load all the data to store - more than 40,000 rows ...
How to solve it?

When I use xtype: Ext.ux.form.field.BoxSelect
BoxSelect create an AJAX request to the backend and load from remote store the relevant data.

But the xtype:combo works differently

Thank you