Hi there,

recently I adapted my app to use Sencha Cmd.
As a result *sencha app build* executes successfully, but when I launch my code I get following error:

Error evaluating http://localhost/myapp/app.js with message: ReferenceError: GlobalVars is not defined localhost:80
G localhost:80
c localhost:81
b localhost:81
(anonymous function) localhost:84
E.b localhost:79
h.onreadystatechange localhost:78

Partial definition of GlobalVars:
Ext.define 'MyApp.utils.GlobalVars',
  extend: 'Ext.mixin.Observable'
  alternateClassName: 'GlobalVars'
  singleton: true

    # ...
Moreover if I get rid of 'alternateClassName' and update codes accordingly (GlobalVars => MyApp.utils.GlobalVars) I get following error instead:

Error evaluating http://localhost/myapp/app.js with message: TypeError: Cannot read property 'GlobalVars' of undefined localhost:80
G localhost:80

Application works fine if I don't decide on this type of deployment, but I didn't adapt to Sencha Cmd without reason. I want my codes to be deployed concatenated into one, minified (app.js) source file.

Any help appreciated.