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Thread: Clarification: Remote Model, Local Store?

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    Default Clarification: Remote Model, Local Store?

    I've been playing with (and enjoying) Sencha Touch, but now I'm moving into communicate with a server side of things.

    It looks awesomely supported so far, but I need a little clarification.

    Q: Models are for pulling data from a remote server, and Stores are for keeping an instance of that data cached locally?
    • Does the Store data persist? As in, does it save to the device?
    Q: Why do I sometimes see a proxy: on the Model and other times on the Store?
    • Can they both have a proxy? What kind of effect or functionality does this produce/provide?
    Q: To help me better wrap my mind around this local/remote difference, can someone provide a simple proof of concept code example showing this behavior:
    1. Create a "User" data. name, email, phone
    2. Save the User data:
      1. Update the data on the remote server
      2. Update update the data locally (on the device) as well
    3. Load the User data:
      1. If the data is present locally on the device, load it
      2. If the data isn't present locally on the device, pull it from the server and store it locally
    Is the remote/local discrepancy of this simple example something that can provide insight into the different roles that Models and Stores play in an app?

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    You can have a proxy on both the model and the store. If you are using the store and you have a proxy set on the model and not the store then the store can use the proxy from the model. The advantage of having it set on the model is you can load/save a single model without using a store.
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