I have a async TreeGrid. On start up the widget loads all the nodes and then each individual node expands to reveal an arbitrary number of leafs. All this works well until I try to apply filters. After choosing a filter option the display only shows two nodes (as it should, according to the filter) and the leaf load process is being started automatically for both of them. The issue is that even though the server returns the entries for the leafs, they are never 'attached' to the node. Instead it just tries to load them over and over. So at this stage I have a couple of questions:

  • First of all I only want the filter to apply at node level and not leaf level.
  • Second is it possible to not expand the nodes after applying filters?
  • Lastly how do I stop this infinite loading issue? What might also be important is that in my TreeGrid nodes and leafs are of the same object type (based on their characteristics I make the decision on the server if I should load node or leaf representation). Also I override hasChildren in my TreeLoader.
To re-iterate: the issue only happens after I apply the filter, before that everything gets loaded correctly (nodes, leafs etc) Thanks