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Thread: Check if form is dirty, when navigating to another page

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    Default Check if form is dirty, when navigating to another page

    I have a page which has a grid and the possibility to edit records of this grid via forms. Now if the user tries to close the form I already check if it is dirty and ask if the user wants to save the changes. But now there is the possibility to navigate to a new href and I was wondering if there is an event (onbeforeunload?) I could bind the form to, which checks if the form is dirty before allowing to navigate to the new href?

    Or any other advise how to check if the form still has to be saved?

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    Going to another page via href in a <a> element is the same as if the user entered the url in the address input of the browser.

    One solution could be JS code in the <a>'s onclick which checks if there is dirty data in the page allowing or rejecting the navigation.

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