(Using Sencha Cmd and Sencha Touch 2.1.1)

When doing a native packaging, old files in the build/app_name/package folder are copied to the native packaged file.

Steps to reproduce the problem:
(Adjust the packager.json file to create iOS/Android versions)
  1. Use the command "sencha app build native" to package an iOS app.
  2. Using the same command, package an Android app.
  3. Rename the created Android .apk file extension to .zip
  4. Open the .zip file and look at the contents.
What to expect:
  • The Android version should only contain files necessary for the Android version.
Actual result:
  • The Android version contains files from the iOS version (step 1 above). Icons, startup images etc.
  • Before doing the command to package a native app, you have to delete the build/app_name/package folder, so the build script creates a new fresh folder with only the files necessary for the native version.
Suggestions to fix this problem:
  • When doing a native packaging, the build/app_name/package folder should be erased so there won't be any old files left.