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Thread: Native packaging contains duplicate files

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    Default Native packaging contains duplicate files

    (Using Sencha Cmd and Sencha Touch 2.1.1)

    Don't know if this is a bug, or something necessary. But when creating a native iOS app, I noticed the file size was unnecessary big. When looking at the contents of the packaged app, there where duplicates of the icons.
    • Package a native iOS app with the command: "sencha app build native".
    • In the root of the packaged file, there are all of the app icons. But they are also placed in a subfolder (resources/icons).
    • Also in the root, there are the necessary loading images (Default@2x.png etc). And in the subfolder resources/startup, there are the startup images for web apps (640x920.jpg etc). Aren't these startup images only necessary for web apps added to the homescreen, and not in native apps?
    I tried to edit the app.json file and remove the two lines that imports the resources/icons and resources/startup folders. Then these folders where not copied, but a side effect was that the icons and startup images in the root where not created correctly.

    • When packaging a native iOS app, only the necessary icons and startup images should be copied, and no duplicates.
    • Startup images that only apply to web apps should not be copied either.

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    I completely agree with the suggestions and also suggest to improve the documentation a bit as I have spent ages figuring out how to get startup images working in a native app just to find out that they probably only work for web apps running in iOS, which is btw not clear at all from the documentation.

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