Architect Build tested:
  • 2.1.0 Build: 678

Project Type:
  • ExtJS 4.1.x

  • Tabpanel missing activeTab automatically set to 0 after moving a child from tree.
  • Tabpanel activeTab is not overridden by container defaults.

Steps to reproduce the problem:
  • remove property activeTab from a TabPanel (because it is set by container defaults property)
  • Move Up (or down) a tab within TabPanel

The result that was expected:
  • activeTab stays removed
  • Or container defaults overrides TabPanel child activeTab property

The result that occurs instead:
  • activeTab:0 gets back
  • container defaults is being overridden by TabPanel.activeTab


Possible fix:
  • not provided

Operating System:
  • Window 7 Pro 64bits