I have been trying to install Sencha Touch with PhoneGap on Mac (10.8.2) machine since last 2 days. No luck yet
I have downloaded
  • Sencha touch -2 // Under Applications/MAMP/htdocs folder
  • Sencha cmd osx //Under user/bin
When i go in touch-2 (Applications/MAMP/htdocs/touch-2) directory from Terminal and type sencha command
I am getting error -- sencha command not found

I looked online and found that i have to set PATH variable which i did many times
export SENCHA_CMD_3_0_2="/Users/you/Path/To/Sencha/Cmd/" export PATH=/Users/you/Path/To/Sencha/Cmd/$PATH
Still no luck......

It is so confusing as i started to look more. There is no proper documentation on Sencha site regarding installation and requirements. There exists Sencha Touch 2, Sencha cmd and Sencha SDK Tools. Don't know the difference among them and which is required with what.

Can any one help me in right direction. It is not that i did any research, i read all forums, sencha docs but still couldn't get it working.