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    Exclamation io SDK not compatible with dynamic loading

    The Ext.io.ux.Strings.* variables used statically in Ext/io/ux/ChangePassword.js and Ext/io/ux/AuthSencha.js result in a race-condition-induced intermittent loader failure, because listing Ext.io.ux.Strings in Ext.io.Controller's requirements doesn't ensure that its source code is evaluated before other class definitions'.

    I've wrestled with this problem on my own and would be interested to see Sencha's solution, but static class members can't be depended on when class definitions are evaluated.
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    Yes ux.Strings is a problem. I'll be removing it in a release soon.

    I have seen the loading issue when working locally with the dynamic loader, but only very rarely.

    And this isn't a problem for deployed applications as they should be built using Sencha Cmd. Otherwise the app would take a very long time to load.

    You may find Mitchell's local manager useful if you need to do a lot of localization:


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