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Thread: Now Available - Ext JS 4.2 RC - Hello Neptune!

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    Default Now Available - Ext JS 4.2 RC - Hello Neptune!

    Greetings Everyone -

    We are very happy to announce that today we are releasing Ext JS 4.2 RC! The Neptune theme has arrived and is working on all browsers IE7+ (Neptune uses transparent background PNG's so no IE6 there).

    Moving the entire framework from a single "theme "(different colors but really one aesthetic) to multi-theme was an enormous undertaking. Of course, we think the end result was well worth the effort! Themes can much more easily adjust styling and even provide JavaScript overrides when needed - and we have demonstrated that with Neptune. Obviously the Classic theme and all its flavors (gray, accessibility and sandboxed) are still alive and well. And, of course, all of the themes provide an RTL-enabled mode.

    Supporting all the SASS code sharing and maintainability requirements of the new, multi-theme world is Sencha Cmd 3.1 which provides the logic to manage themes in the form of packages. The problem solved by packages in Sencha Cmd is not primarily a delivery question (as the term "package" might imply) but is rather an integration question. It begins with asking "how does an application use a theme in its build?" Then "how do you pick a different theme?" and "how do you author a new theme?".

    Packages answer these questions by giving names to the bundles of JavaScript, SASS and resources that constitute a theme. Applications select their theme by specifying the name of the theme package they want, such as "ext-theme-neptune" or "ext-theme-classic" or "ext-theme-gray". Because Sencha Cmd understands the goal of building an application and now expands that to include SASS and the packages in which all of this resides, the applications it builds get just the CSS they need. If you don't use a Tree then you won't get the Tree component styles in your CSS!

    Obviously "packages" are all the rage these days and for good reasons. Where we should take them from their initial role in themes and how we should manage them is a still an open question.

    We hope to see Ext JS 4.2 GA and Sencha Cmd 3.1 GA in the very near term. So this is where I ask everyone for their feedback - of all kinds. What works? What does not? We have made a lot of progress. But there are a lot of new pieces in this release and we need your input to make it the best it can be.

    You can get the bits here:

    The release notes are here (please read these for known issues or limitations in this release):

    We will be posting the Ext JS 4.2 documentation center very soon and it will contain all of the update guides.


    Best regards,
    Don Griffin

    "Use the source, Luke!"

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    New Features

    Charts (1)
    • EXTJSIV-8498 - Certain Chart and Legend methods should be refactored for easier overriding
    Cmd (1)
    • EXTJSIV-8638 - Themes need to be Cmd packages so they can provide JavaScript overrides to builds
    Direct (1)
    • EXTJSIV-4350 - Callbacks should be passed options used to make the call
    Grid (2)
    • EXTJSIV-3940 - Grouping Feature is not Stateful
    • EXTJSIV-8368 - RowEditor should support lockable grids
    Theme (6)
    • EXTJSIV-8383 - Themes should not use resetCSS and related scopeResetCSS and styleHtmlContent
    • EXTJSIV-8632 - Deliver Neptune theme (for all browsers IE7+)
    • EXTJSIV-8633 - Themes should be able to inherit easily and cleanly from other themes
    • EXTJSIV-8639 - Buttons and tabs should use simpler markup and be easier to theme
    • EXTJSIV-8641 - SASS Mixins should contain more of the generated styles for their components
    • EXTJSIV-8642 - Date pickers should use simpler markup and be easier to theme

    Bugs Fixed

    Charts (2)
    • EXTJSIV-4757 - Setting a chart time axis to have a grid can cause errors with certain step/start val
    • EXTJSIV-7720 - Minimum and maximum should be ignored in stacked charts
    Core (5)
    • EXTJSIV-8280 - Ext.dom.Helper.insertHtml fails in native Windows 8 app
    • EXTJSIV-8349 - Component resizer handles not visible.
    • EXTJSIV-8418 - IE9 navigator.geolocation memory leak (standards mode)
    • EXTJSIV-8503 - MVC removes namespace produced by Cmd optimizer
    • EXTJSIV-8536 - Focus management. Window's mousedown delayed focus timer "wins" over the focus caused by click handler.
    Data (9)
    • EXTJSIV-6327 - Proxies must not be shared between Model super/sub classes. Fix requires user code to call Model.getProxy() to ensure access to a Model's proxy as it is now lazily instantiated when requested (so the proxy *property* may not be a Proxy).
    • EXTJSIV-6444 - Store.isLoading() is wrong from inside Ext.view.View.collectData
    • EXTJSIV-6981 - belongsTo & hasOne association's setters cannot accept record instances.
    • EXTJSIV-8149 - Store removeAll() doesn't work for localstorage
    • EXTJSIV-8213 - loadRawData should not fire load event
    • EXTJSIV-8227 - does not set all fields if extended
    • EXTJSIV-8272 - NodeInterface subclass event firing causes stackoverflow
    • EXTJSIV-8281 - TreeStore cannot remove nodes that were created and saved to server
    • EXTJSIV-8563 - Tree Duplicate Nodes during load if node has expanded:true
    DataView (2)
    • EXTJSIV-8505 - Data View : Displaying JS error while accessing "Data view" and "animated Data view" examples.
    • EXTJSIV-8506 - Data View : Advanced Data view : Insert Image button is displaying in expand mode.
    Documentation (3)
    • EXTJSIV-7811 - Problem in 4.1.x with MS dates in JSON POST to .NET WCF web service
    • EXTJSIV-8262 - DnD: Ext.grid.plugin.DragDrop:beforedrop docs incorrect
    • EXTJSIV-8459 - Docs don't clearly state that service only creates PNG images for exported chart data
    Examples (3)
    • EXTJSIV-8337 - Progress Bar left text align doesn't seem to work?
    • EXTJSIV-8400 - Accessibility: 'Binding a Grid to a Form' - Displaying JS error while accessing the example.
    • EXTJSIV-8440 - Unable to add a new feed in feed viewer example
    Forms (10)
    • EXTJSIV-7388 - Slider needs to be inverted in rtl mode
    • EXTJSIV-7462 - Change to use tables for fields causes autoScroll to fail on FieldContainers
    • EXTJSIV-7890 - File Field Button is invisible when in an initially hidden tab
    • EXTJSIV-8221 - Form with standardSubmit isn't working
    • EXTJSIV-8229 - TimeField's keystroke filtering overrides the TimePicker's min/max filtering.
    • EXTJSIV-8352 - Fieldset titles misaligned
    • EXTJSIV-8463 - FieldSet in RTL has incorrect margin
    • EXTJSIV-8467 - Classic Theme in RTL : Forms : Slider Field : Unable to handle sliders in the slider filed example.
    • EXTJSIV-8545 - Double assignment of value in form/Basic.js
    • EXTJSIV-8581 - Combo events broken after combo.getStore().load()
    Grid (16)
    • EXTJSIV-5482 - Locking grid does not support stateful mode
    • EXTJSIV-7413 - A grouped and sortable grid does not save state
    • EXTJSIV-7653 - While editing a cell in a grid, clicking on another grid doesn't change focus
    • EXTJSIV-8084 - BufferedRenderer Grid plugin does not work properly when editing store.
    • EXTJSIV-8159 - GroupField displays instead of ColumnName in a group header of a locked grid
    • EXTJSIV-8163 - Grids: Infinite Grid with Remote filter: Selection focus is not responding with down arrow key in a particular scenario
    • EXTJSIV-8166 - Grid raises an error if there is second grid with summary feature
    • EXTJSIV-8174 - Moving a grid column causes it to disappear
    • EXTJSIV-8180 - Locking Grid: adding column using reconfigure doesn't work
    • EXTJSIV-8200 - Grid with CellEditing and CheckboxModel, checker width incorrect
    • EXTJSIV-8206 - GroupStore.js onUpdate function throws a JS error
    • EXTJSIV-8210 - Grid store listeners not cleaned up
    • EXTJSIV-8293 - Lockable plugins should not be cloned unless required
    • EXTJSIV-8336 - Rowbody features don't handle store record removal.
    • EXTJSIV-8416 - Grouping grid icon stays on the left in RTL mode
    • EXTJSIV-8606 - delayed task: delayScroll is not canceled before destroying of the Panel
    Layouts (6)
    • EXTJSIV-6867 - vbox layout: containers aren't auto-heighting properly
    • EXTJSIV-7667 - Table layout causes child containers using auto layout to be sized wrongly
    • EXTJSIV-8253 - Ext.layout.container.Auto.calculateOverflow() can fail when scrolling
    • EXTJSIV-8323 - Window header and button layout is wrong in MessageBox
    • EXTJSIV-8373 - Buttongroup lays out wrong
    • EXTJSIV-8564 - Click on a field in an accordion header causes the panel to collapse/expand
    Locale (2)
    • EXTJSIV-8190 - Slovak locale inconsistency and errors
    • EXTJSIV-8246 - Turkish locale errors
    MVC (1)
    • EXTJSIV-6672 - should accept arrays
    Misc (1)
    • EXTJSIV-5130 - Neptune theme missing resources
    Selection Model (1)
    • EXTJSIV-8602 - selectionchange is not fired when removing selected record
    Tabs (3)
    • EXTJSIV-7709 - RTL - Themes Example - tabs do not show text in IE7 strict
    • EXTJSIV-8481 - Classic Theme in RTL : Tabs : Advanced Tabs : Tab title is overlapped by close and tab image .
    • EXTJSIV-8609 - Tab strip is missing bottom border in IE6,7,8 and IE quirks
    ToolTips (3)
    • EXTJSIV-8345 - Tooltip background wrong colour in classic theme. It's white
    • EXTJSIV-8346 - Tooltips body should be position:relative, layout is broken
    • EXTJSIV-8362 - Tooltip layout not shrinkwrapping content height
    Tree (5)
    • EXTJSIV-6824 - TreePanel multiselect is working incorrectly
    • EXTJSIV-8150 - Dropping nodes onto folders which are currently loading throws JS error.
    • EXTJSIV-8224 - Cannot deselect rows when selmodel is MULTI and treeviewdragdrop is enabled
    • EXTJSIV-8232 - Event signature changed: on root node
    • EXTJSIV-8260 - Locking TreePanel autoLoads its store when regular TreePanel does not.
    Don Griffin

    "Use the source, Luke!"

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