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    Default Answered: Do Mac/Windows/Linux versions need separate licenses?

    I'm considering to buy the license of Sencha Desktop Packager, but I have a question, I may want to package different binaries for my Mac/Windows/ or Linux users. If I would buy only one license, can I use this license for all platforms, or only one chosen at the buy time? Thanks.

  2. Your packages can run on as many platforms as you wish -- doesn't matter. The license grant is for the machine you *run* the packager on. So, if you're building from a Mac for Mac, Win, and Linux, you only need once license (since you're building on one machine). Or in another example, if you have a dev box (Windows) and a build machine (Linux), and are building for Mac, Win, and Linux, you would need two (since the packager is running on two machines).

    Hope that helps.

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