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Thread: Keyboard completely stopped working ... no clue why.

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    Default Keyboard completely stopped working ... no clue why.

    Hey all, this is a doozy and I'm hoping someone has seen this before. I have no idea why, but my keyboard no longer works when I'm in a Sencha Touch app. This is in Chrome, Safari on my mac, and on my iPhone/iPad. In Safari I can't even apple-r or apple-t to refresh/newtab. (In Chrome, newtab works but refresh doesn't). The obvious stuff doesn't seem to apply:

    * not a mask, as buttons can be clicked/touched no problem
    * not a hardware issue, as I'm writing this with the very same keyboard
    * input fields aren't disabled
    * probably not ghost related, because I'm not afraid of no ghosts

    I haven't mucked with anything in the Sencha-debug-all.js files, or the css, or any of that stuff.

    I'm of course going to continue to try and figure this out, but if anyone has any other ideas or has seen this before, please let me know..!

    ST version 2.1.0

    edit: it looks like something is grabbing the focus out of the blue. Why or how this is happening, I haven't figured out yet. But if I domquery in the console and grab the first input and give it focus, I can then type. I'm still befuddled as to the cause.

    And resolved - I had created a

    this.mask = new Ext.LoadMask(Ext.getBody(), {msg:"l_genericLoading..."});
    In a silly silly attempt at doing something and forgotten it there. Interestingly this makes the activeElement the body, and then mr keyboard just stops working. Removed, and it now works. Leaving this post in case someone else does something similar and their keyboard no longer works.

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    Ext.Mask (superclass of Ext.LoadMask) listens to all events on the element and stops the event. This is why the you couldn't type. I am surprised the browser lets you stop a refresh or new tab though.
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