First, ExtJS, from a personal perspective, is a beautiful, rich, complex, and I've cut my teeth going from an intermediate to an advanced user with YOUR products. Kudos for the great work.

However, from a business owner, who has to make money, I'm appalled on so many levels. The jump from 3.x to 4.x was horrific and aborted after 2 months of work by myself. Our application was so monstrously complex and rich in 3.x, and this is not a bad thing, to make the jump to 4.x was so incredibly difficult. After 2 months I managed to get only a few of the major components of our app working. Then I got the e-mail from QA... "The app seems a little slower in IE"... I'm not even going there...

Now, on top of this you removed Pivot Tables from 4.x. Yeah, remember those??? Thought you would. Where are they? Did you think we wouldn't notice them being gone? We did, so did our customers. What were you thinking? Really? Here's the sales pitch, ready, "Upgrade to 4.x and have your customers lose functionality". It's perfect, you should air a commercial to that effect on next years Superbowl. Wait, was that the only item missing from 4.x ? I didn't even check because I couldn't even get that far in my work.

How you could ignore the business needs of your customers so much as to make a product so backwards incompatible is beyond me. I've heard the party line including:
  • We document how to upgrade
  • There are better ways to do things
  • Try it this way
Yeah, in an ideal world great, I wish I could write code that broke my customers' ways of doing things. After all we all know the best ways to do things. But, this is not how the real world works. And, if you don't know that, get out of the game now, please apologize and do something else.

I am also bummed out on a personal level because I really do love ExtJS, the framework, the patterns, the code, it's a joy. You've taken that away from me. You've cost my customers, and myself money that we'll never reclaim.

On top of that we are stuck at 3.x, stuck, stuck, stuck. We refuse to upgrade, it would be a mistake.

If I could make one small unsolicited suggestion.


To further complicate matters your refusal to provide insight into your release schedule is well, polite language precludes me from expressing an accurate sentiment which resounds among these forums. Hello, we are not doing this stuff for fun--although it is fun--we are doing this at our customers' request? Let me explain again...

We use ExtJS in a business context at the request and need of our customers.

Wait, let me restate it one more time a little differently just so we're absolutely clear:

We use ExtJS to provide business with critical functionality.

I'm going to say it one more time, because I think someone up the chain of command is having trouble with this idea...

Our customers' lively hood, OUR lively hood depend on software not breaking. If we fail to achieve that then we will not make money, we will starve, have our houses foreclosed upon, our children taken away, and then we will turn to a life of crime so as to afford food, and then we will wind up in jail and be violated by the dregs of society.


When you keep us in the dark
When you don't post your release schedule concerning products that are failing
When you make upgrades a nightmare to implement
When you post performance results that are not true
When you remove widgets without warning
When your code is incompatible with every single plugin

We get upset. We don't want to use your product. We look for alternatives. We say bad and mean things about your company. We mock you.

Thank you,