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Thread: IOS Push Notification

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    Default IOS Push Notification

    Just wants to ask has anyone successfully use sencha cmd > version and sencha touch 2.1 > version on windows environment to build and deploy push notification for iOS.

    Using the device example building it with sencha cmd, deploying it to my iPhone 4S or iPad. When I click the plus to register for push notification I get an error message "failure: no valid 'aps-enviroment' entitlement string found for application".

    Building the same code base on a mac with the same provisioning files everything works.

    I used a compare utility and looked at what was different between the two folders and the only real difference was the codesignature file section didn't have any files listed. Where the mac version did list the entitlements file which contains the aps-enviroment.

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    Default IOS Push notifications using Sencha Touch 2

    Hi, I've post on my blog how to configure and build a Sencha Touch application for IOS Push Notifications -

    The more important steps are:
    • Configure applicationName, applicationId and bundleSeedId in package.json
    • Perform a manual entitlement on your app
    • Build the .pem certificate (or .p12) for push server correctly

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