I'm having trouble getting any type of messagebox to appear. I have a tree grid that with this UI can contain hundreds of nodes. The current example I have is 888 total items in the grid. When the grid gets this large the collapse/expand methods can take a large amount of time during which the browser appears as it is hung.

I have placed a collapse button on my toolbar and in the selection method did this:

MessageBox mb = MessageBox.wait("XML Preview", "Collapsing tree", "Please wait...");

The messagebox is never appearing at all...to see if it was appearing and closing i deleted the mb.close line and tried it again...the MessageBox doesn't appear until after all of the collapseAll work is done.

I thought maybe this is happening because the grid is being updated so it appears over the top of the mb. To make sure that wasn't the case I shrunk my grid window and see nothing appearing behind it.

Any help would be appreciated. I've tried this several ways..on the before collapse/collapse grid events..beforeselect/select button events..view ready.. No luck..