Ext version tested:
  • Touch V2.1 Sencha CMD 3.0.2
Browser versions tested against:
  • None
DOCTYPE tested against:
  • None
  • If you change the "indexHtmlPath": "index.html" parameter to be something other than index.html (like index.jsp) it will fail at the very end when it does it's checksum check because it tries to find index.html instead of the file that was actually created (index.jsp in my case).

    The index.jsp file is generated properly but the manifest is missing.
Steps to reproduce the problem:
  • Rename index.html to index.jsp
    Change the indexHtmlPath config item in the app.json for a Sencha Cmd project to index.jsp.
    Run Sencha app build production
The result that was expected:
  • No Errors
The result that occurs instead:
  • [DBG] renameLabels
    [DBG] label renamed: JSCompiler_inline_label_patch_19 => a
    [DBG] latePeepholeOptimizations
    [DBG] stripSideEffectProtection
    [DBG] sanityCheckAst
    [DBG] sanityCheckVars
    [DBG] encoding json data
    [DBG] generating new built index.html
    [INF] Embedded microloader into index.jsp
    [INF] Generating appcache
    [INF] Generating checksum for appCache item: index.html
  • File Not found exception: <path to production build>index.html (The system cannot find the file specified)