Hi all, I have a problem that is driving me crazy.

I have the method redditivita() in a i18 Constants class that returns the String "Redditività":

   * Translated "Redditività".
   * @return translated "Redditività"
  String redditivita();

As you can see inside this string there is the html entity "à"
When i try to use it in a XTemplate the result is as follow:


while I expect the text of the label is Redditivit
This is my code:


	interface DetailRenderer extends XTemplates {
		@XTemplate(source = "SectionDetail.html")
		public SafeHtml renderItem(SectionItem section);


		final DetailRenderer r = GWT.create(DetailRenderer.class);

		ListViewStyle style = IsideCommonCssBundle.INSTANCE.listViewStyle();
		ListViewCustomAppearance<SectionItem> appearance = new ListViewCustomAppearance<SectionItem>("." + style.thumbWrap()) {

			public void render(SafeHtmlBuilder builder) {
				builder.appendHtmlConstant("<div class='" + ListView.getStandardResources().css().view() + "' id='list-view'></div>");

			public void renderEnd(SafeHtmlBuilder builder) {
				String markup = new StringBuilder("<div class=\"").append(CommonStyles.get().clear()).append("\"></div>").toString();

			public void renderItem(SafeHtmlBuilder builder, SafeHtml content) {
		listView = new ListView<SectionItem, SectionItem>(listStore, new IdentityValueProvider<SectionItem>() {

			public void setValue(SectionItem object, SectionItem value) {

		}, appearance);
		listView.setCell(new SimpleSafeHtmlCell<SectionItem>(new AbstractSafeHtmlRenderer<SectionItem>() {

			public SafeHtml render(SectionItem object) {
				SafeHtml h = r.renderItem(object);
				return h;
and this is my template file:
HTML Code:
<div class="thumb-wrap">
<div class="thumb"><img src="{section.iconUrl}" title="{section.name}"></div>
<span class="x-editable">{section.name}</span></div>
section.name is the field containing the result of redditivita() method from i18n Constants class.

Where is the problem?