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I'm trying out the new 4.2 RC and I'm having three issues relating to the new theming system:

1) Whenever I try to build the app using sencha app build (using a vanilla build configuration), the resulting app-all.css file is "empty" - not really empty, but it simply contains these comments:

 * @class Global_CSS
 * Global CSS variables and mixins of Ext JS.
 * Creates a background gradient.
 * @param {Color} $bg-color The background color of the gradient
 * @param {String/List} [$type] The type of gradient to be used. Can either
 * be a String which is a predefined gradient, or it can can be a list of
 * color_stops. If none is set, it will still set the `background-color`
 * to the $background-color.
 * @param {String} [$direction=top] The direction of the gradient. Can either be
 * `top` or `left`.
 * @member Global_CSS
 * Method which inserts a full background-image property for a theme image.
 * It checks if the file exists and if it doesn't, it'll throw an error.
 * By default it will not include the background-image property if it is not found,
 * but this can be changed by changing the default value of $include-missing-images to
 * be true.
Nothing else, so the app is completely unstyled...

2) Whenever I try to build a theme package using sencha package build, it fails on "Capturing theme image":

[INF] Capturing theme image
[ERR] com.sencha.exceptions.ExProcess: phantomjs process exited with code 2 : 
[ERR] loading page <Path To App>/packages/symfoni/build/example/theme.html
[ERR] == Unhandled Error ==
[ERR] ReferenceError: Can'''''''''t find variable: Ext
[ERR]   file:////<Path To App>/packages/ext-theme-base/sass/example/render.js:22
It doesn't matter if I try building a new custom theme, or one of the standard one - the results are the same..

3) If i try to change the default theme in .sencha/app/config.cfg, for example setting it to use neptune:

Then sencha app refresh simply dies with the following, not-so-enlightening, error message:

Sencha Cmd v3.1.0.130
[ERR] null
Can anyone shed any light on what might possibly be wrong with my setup?

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