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    Default Answered: NestedList and TreeStore 2mb local file


    I am current having a problem with the size of the TreeStore's data.
    I am doing an App, that needs to show a tree in a NestedList.
    This data needs be show offline, so i built a json file and put it on "resources/data" folder.
    However, this has became a 2.5mb file, and the NestedList has became slowly to navigate in it.

    I can't think on an other way to do it.

    I have already thought in use a List in the place of NestedList, and then create different files to the children, but it seens a big workaround to me.

    Any of you could give me an idea?

  2. I'm not sure if NestedList will work; you may need to intervene programmatically a little more with this proxy, creating stores on the go with a remoteFilter set to the relevant parent ID.

    I'd start with a simple list example and go from there.

    I would populate the websql if it hasn't already been populated at the start of the application, yes.

    The main advantage to you is the remoteFilter/sort configs will operate on the database, so javascript won't have to hold the data in memory, and you can bring subsets of the data into javascript memory as you need to display them.

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