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Thread: such a simple problem that defeats MVC here ... please advise

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    Default such a simple problem that defeats MVC here ... please advise

    If i have a DIV in a view ... i would like to be able to target a tap event on that DIV inside of a controller ... if that is not possible it seems to me that MVC is null at that point.

    for example ... at the very least ... is the following possible ...

    lets say i have a DIV in my view like so with a listener ... can i at least fire an event that lives in my controller ??

    PHP Code:

    : [
    html: [
    "<div id='headerlink_1' class='headernav_link'>",
    "Link Text",
    listeners: {
    tap: {
    fn: function(e) {
    element Ext.get(;
           if ( == "headerlink_1") {

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    You can fire an event in a view and not break the MVC concept. Logic should live in the view, firing an event isn't logic.
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