Hi, I implemented some functionality to handle dragging the sprite on the surface, which works...but has a bug, as shown on the attached screenshot.
Once the sprite is locked in drag_mode and I update its position using [x,y] coordinates from Ext.EventObject it goes into some sort of constant fluctuations around X-Axis.

Here is the code which implements dragging:
move     : function (eventXY) {
                        if (SpriteMovingModule.isMoving()) {
                            var bBox = spriteNowInMove.getBBox(),
                                dx = eventXY[0],
                                dy = eventXY[1];

                            console.log('Sprite \nBBox=', bBox,
                                '\nEventXY=', eventXY,
                                '\nOffset=', [dx - bBox.x, dy - bBox.y]);

                                translate: {
                                    x: (dx - bBox.x),
                                    y: (dy - bBox.y)
                            }, true);
What's the issue here ?