Hello everybody

I am very new to Ext JS, so bare with me please. This is part of my json file:

  "data": {
    "messages": [
                                "id": "1",
                                "user_id": "0",
                                "conference_id": "1",
                                "message": "Edited first message",
                                "created": "2013-02-19 12:15:42",
                                "modified": "2013-02-21 13:20:36"
                                "id": "1",
                                "name": "Main",
                                "created": "2013-02-19 12:15:24",
                                "modified": "2013-02-19 12:15:24"
I looked all over the place but could not fine any information displaying the data from the nested objects. This is my attempt to do it:

var reader=new Ext.data.JsonReader(
                  root: 'messages',
                {name: 'id', mapping: 'Message.id'},
                {name: 'user_id', mapping: 'Message.user_id'},...
But it does not show any results, most likely due to the fact that "Messages" is not an array.
But what would be the exact syntax to get the data? Could anybody give me some advice please.

Thanks in advance