With the new theme based structure I'm wondering where to put sass styles for custom views.

For example I have a class:

I tried the following:

/packages/[My Custom Theme]/sass/view/AppHeader.scss
/packages/[My Custom Theme]/[MyAppName]/sass/view/AppHeader.scss
But this sass doesn't get compiled on sencha ant sass theme

I also tried adding in this custom view sass into /etc, as I figured /src is just for overrides of core Ext Js components. However this doesn't work as /etc is compiled before the /vars are available and I want to use the vars in my custom sass.

So how does Sencha Cmd decide what sass to compile? From my reading so far it seems like it would use the 'requires' calls to log all components used.

Do we need to add a parameter somewhere to force it to look for custom components under our [MyAppName] in the custom theme?