Required Information
Version(s) of Ext GWT
3.01 GPL
Virtual Machine No
There is now, no easy way to have html in the mask. Previously in GXT 2x we could pass in html which was helpful because we could use a progress gif with formatted text for a message.

Expected result
That we could either pass in html as a message or call maskHTML(String message)

Actual result
any html passes in as a message is escaped

From com.sencha.gxt.core.client.dom.Mask$MaskDefaultAppearance

public void mask(XElement parent, String message) {
XElement mask = XElement.createElement("div");

XElement box = null;
if (message != null) {
MessageTemplates messageTemplates = GWT.create(MessageTemplates.class);
box = XDOM.create(messageTemplates.template(style, SafeHtmlUtils.htmlEscape(message))).cast();

if (GXT.isIE() && !(GXT.isIE7()) && "auto".equals(parent.getStyle().getHeight())) {
mask.setSize(parent.getOffsetWidth(), parent.getOffsetHeight());

if (box != null) {


Possible fix
Please provide a maskHTML(String message) function.

In the interim we will try implementing our own mask appearance.