We just updated the SDK and the documentation.

Changes in this release include:

  • Ext.io.Controller events can now be accessed via ComponentQueries. See the updated Controller Guide for details.
  • New Ext.io.Controller life cycle events: connecting, connected, offline, invalidsession
  • Added Ext.io.Device.connected event that will fire when a watched device's connection status changes.
  • Removed references to Ext.io.ux.Strings in the login panels that were causing errors when using the dynamic loader.
  • If the client receives an invalid session response from server all session keys and cached objects (user, device, etc) will be deleted.
  • SyncStore now supports model field type of date: operations like record.set('thedate', new Date()) will now sync correctly.
  • Fixed SyncStore issue where locally created records could duplicated when updated via remote sync.
  • Fixed SyncStore issue where the Store's meta-data would not alwasy be updated correctly.



Post to the forum, or email support@sencha.io, if you experience any problems.