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Thread: FramePanel, Menus and ie plugin

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    Default FramePanel, Menus and ie plugin


    I have problem for displaying Menus from a toolbar. My page displays a toolbar on the top and in the middle, it display a pdf document in a NamedFrame. When i click on a button of my toolbar, a menu is trigrered and unfortunatly is displayed under the pdf. This is also the case for applets

    I've seen the FramePanel class in 2.x, which
    "Displays an iframe under a element to stop IE bleed through and applet related issues. "

    But i did not know how to use it. It also seems to have dsapeared in 3.x.

    My question is simple, is there a way either in 2.x and 3.x to have menus on top of ie plugins ?


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    The Component.shim property is used to enable adding an iframe shim to a component - its still there, but it isn't as exposed as it used to be. GXT checks if the current browser needs shims for things (only some browsers do) via GXT.isUseShims(). By default this is true for IE6, and old FF builds on a mac, and false otherwise. You can set it to true for other browsers via GXT.setUseShims(boolean).

    When i click on a button of my toolbar, a menu is trigrered and unfortunatly is displayed under the pdf.
    The Menu needs shim set to true, but the menu constructor already sets that to true - is this not working correctly?

    To debug this, check out Component.onAfterFirstAttach():
       * Called immediately after the first time the widget becomes attached to the
       * browser's document only the first time.
      protected void onAfterFirstAttach() {
        if (shadow || (shim && GXT.isUseShims())) {
          layer = new Layer(getElement());
          if (shadow) {
          if (shim && GXT.isUseShims()) {
    Set a breakpoint on that if block just before you see the menu and make sure it steps into there correctly, and that the shim draws.

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