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Thread: Grid DataModel keeps data in memory

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    Default Grid DataModel keeps data in memory

    Hello , I am newbie at yui-ext and yui-ext is THE THE most js lib I saw.
    Thank you Jack.

    Anyway I have litle problem I use Xajax for creating array to supply my js function which is loads
    in my init.js.
    Basicly my idea work like this.

    init.js -- loads grids and other stuff
    the i have litle

    function load_nzp(mydata_array) {

    This setups the grid and shows it .

    now from xajax i call load_nzp(mydata_array); and send my array

    Now everything display good , but then i try to do a click event and take data from grid.

    Then I tryed this.
    var onRowClick = function(grid, rowIndex, e) {
                            qq=grid.dataModel.getValueAt(rowIndex, 0)
         var grid = new YAHOO.ext.grid.Grid('inner2', dataModel, colModel);
          grid.addListener('rowclick', onRowClick);
         this.grid = grid;
    Then I try to load againg some ether data into the grid.
    Everything display fine in a grid.
    But when i try to click on grid row I get old data and get two alerts oldvalue and new value.

    So evry time when i call from xajax load_nzp(new_data_array) i get oldarrays+new_data_array.

    Probably my concept is not good or I am mising something.
    So if somone would be kind to help with this problem i would be very greatfull.
    Thank you

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    Default Here is the live example of the problem With XML load

    I made some example do demonstrate the problem here is the url

    just clik on data1 or data2 button then click on some row in grid

    you will see the problem.

    I probaly doing something wrong but I just do not have clue what is it

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    Well, you're calling XmlExample.loadGrid when the button is pressed.

    That's already been called once. You're adding that function as a listener again!

    Basic organization! Init the grid and listeners in the init function! load the grid in the load function.

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