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Very clever BinaryCrash. Wondering what this solves so perhaps we can improve our process.

2.3 will include some serious deploy upgrades.
The program receive the params and change it a little.
The received is
cmd  /C "start cmd.exe /K C:/Users/K/AppData/Local/Temp/temp.bat"
The /K after cmd.exe tells to execute and keep console open.
If you change to /C it will close the console window after it finishes.
I did the change on my program and started the windows cmd using shellexecute option to hide it.
cmd.exe /C C:/Users/K/AppData/Local/Temp/temp.bat
What i hope is the ability to deploy minified from Sencha Architect.
Until there, a simple build changing the /K to /C would help who didn't see this topic and want console auto close

It is possible to capture the results of a console command to show in a docked frame inside SA. lots of already made sources on Internet.