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Thread: Publish CMD Window Close

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phil.Strong View Post
    Very clever BinaryCrash. Wondering what this solves so perhaps we can improve our process.

    2.3 will include some serious deploy upgrades.
    The program receive the params and change it a little.
    The received is
    cmd  /C "start cmd.exe /K C:/Users/K/AppData/Local/Temp/temp.bat"
    The /K after cmd.exe tells to execute and keep console open.
    If you change to /C it will close the console window after it finishes.
    I did the change on my program and started the windows cmd using shellexecute option to hide it.
    cmd.exe /C C:/Users/K/AppData/Local/Temp/temp.bat
    What i hope is the ability to deploy minified from Sencha Architect.
    Until there, a simple build changing the /K to /C would help who didn't see this topic and want console auto close

    It is possible to capture the results of a console command to show in a docked frame inside SA. lots of already made sources on Internet.

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    A question to your publish users:

    In SA 2.2 There is a button on the main toolbar for publishing an application. Currently in SA3 there is not. There is however a publish path available for users to add to when executing a Web Build on the build menu. (uses Cmd sencha app build -> publish output)

    Our question to you guys; What is your experience with the publish functionality? Should there be a non build way to push dev bits into some other directory? Note you can use build web app (environment testing) to get uncompressed bits for testing/debugging.

    We'd like to hear your feedback, Thanks!
    Phil Strong

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    I use publish all the time - please keep it!!
    Why? One of my projects I run through Sencha Cmd to get Swedish and English locale. With the changes in Ext JS 4.2.1 locales are no longer possible to load dynamically and instead I build two versions of the project using:
    sencha config -prop app.locale=en -prop then app build
    sencha config -prop app.locale=sv_SE -prop then app build

    The publish from SA exports the project to a directory from which I run the sencha cmd build.
    I haven't tested the build process in SA 3, but as it is now it is a shell script running the sencha cmd build from the published directory.

    The server will detect if the user wants to run Swedish or English and loads the appropriate JS-file into the HTML.

    Just my $0.02,

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