I have been using EXTjs for quite some time now. On top of being best practice to minify the javascript, it has become a bit of a necessity for the app to have any sense of performance while running in IE. Now some of you may say "WHY ARE YOU USING IE!!". Well, that's not my decision, thats the architecture groups decision to not allow chrome.

Sorry for the rant. I am having an incredible difficult time doing what should be a simple task, at least according to the documentation.

Lets take ext- download from a couple weeks ago, and Sencha CMD I am running on windows, I have installed both SASS and Compass or whatever following the directions in your documentation.

Ok so lets install the extjs to say C:\ext\ext-

Now create a workspace
sencha generate workspace /WorkSpace (this will create a workspace at C:\WorkSpace)

Now lets add an app to the workspace

sencha generate app MyApp /WorkSpace/MyApp (this will create an app at C:\WorkSpace\MyApp)

OK Great, everything is good. Now for the trouble part.

cd C:\WorkSpace\MyApp
sencha app build

OK WOW, tons of errors, Here is part of it.....

C:\WorkSpace\MyApp\.sencha\app\build-impl.xml:324: The following error occurred while ex
ecuting this line:
ntlib.xml:364: shellscript returned: 1

So my question is, on top of the fact that unless you modify you app to disable RTL, why cant this simple example be run? Am I the only one?