Dear All,
My project needs to change icons for each tree nodes, and icons of parent nodes need have a little bigger size than icons of children nodes. I have write codes to implement it by gxt 2.0.1, and it works well. But now we need to upgrade the gxt version from 2.0.1 to 2.2.5, these codes seems do not work very well. It changes the icon's size, but not the tree node. How can I solve this problem ?

here's my code:
tree.setIconProvider(new ModelIconProvider<ModelData>() {
public AbstractImagePrototype getIcon(
ModelData item) {
GWTMenu menuItem = (GWTMenu)item;
if(menuItem.getChildCount() == 0)
return IconHelper.createPath(menuItem.getIcon());

return IconHelper.createPath(menuItem.getIcon(),28,28);

in gxt 2.0.1:

in gxt 2.2.5

Sorry for my pool English.