Hi everyone,

Just wanted to make sure you are all aware that Rich Waters and I have created a blog now and hope to start adding articles that discuss using Extnd and our progress of updating it to run on Ext JS 4 (as well as our progress on creating a supported Sencha Touch version as well). If you have any article ideas please post a reply here.

Oh, and it appears that ExtJS + Domino was shown some love at this years IBM Connect conference (the conference formally known as Lotusphere). Mark Roden and Andrew Barickman did a session called Lessons learned from the worlds largest XPage project which says some really nice things about ExtJS grids when comparing to other alternatives.

Mark has also been blogging about ExtJS in XPages which is awesome! I'm loving the fact that more and more people are being more vocal about using ExtJS with Domino. Seemed like for the past few years only Dojo or occasionally jQuery was mentioned.

So again, check out our new blog > http://extnd.com/blog/