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Thread: Saving several forms together using

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    Default Saving several forms together using


    I have an architecture question about saving several forms together.
    lets say I have a panel which contains 3 tabs inside it and each tab contains configuration parameters that the user can change.

    after the user changed what he wants he clicks on the Save button and then I would like to submit all the changes to the server side.
    at the end of the chain I need to submit to my java server one Object which contains 3 other objects that represent the data of each tab (1 object for tab).

    what is the correct way to do this with Ext.Direct?


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    The good thing about Direct is if you execute multiple direct functions within a certain amount of time it will batch the requests into one and then separate it server side.

    If you don't want to do the splitting server side and just want to hit one direct function then you will just need to get the values from each form and then execute a direct function manually passing the object.
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