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Thread: All I want is to not ship 500 classes when I probably need 1/3 of that (Help Plz)

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    Default All I want is to not ship 500 classes when I probably need 1/3 of that (Help Plz)

    Basic question: How do I exclude all the extra EXT classes? Seems like either I use the 'exclude' keyword (manage dependencies manually) or it'll always pick up all of Ext.

    Can someone help with a command that excludes the extra classes for a basic app generated using Sencha Cmd (see step: 1 below).

    Any pointers or a command I can try to get past this would be awesome.

    cmd version: Sencha Cmd v3.0.2.288
    ExtJs version: 4.1.1a

    Stuff I tried:

    Step 1:
    sencha -sdk /path/to/sdk generate app
    Basic skeleton app with 4 classes total generated for an app with a panel. I run it, it comes up nicely.

    Step 2: Lets build it:
    sencha app build
    Done. But wait: generated a 750kb file. Seems like all of Ext is in there.

    Step 3: Lets see what's included:
    sencha compile -classpath=ext/src,app \    meta -filenames -out fileslist.txt
    488 files. WOW. This seems a bit much.

    Step 4,5,6,6,7...
    Tried a lot of things, including manually excluding files but no luck. Manual exclusion works for a few packages but the approach to manually list and figure out dependencies just isn't scalable.

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    Depending on what you require, it will only require what it needs.
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