One of the promoted advantages of 4.2.0, as per the announcement post, is that controllers can be unit tested.

I have certainly found that I can easily instantiate a controller and unit test the methods without problems. However, I'm at a loss as to how to unit test the event listeners.

Given a controller and Jasmine unit test like this:
Ext.define("TestApp.controller.TestController", {
    extend : '',

    init : function() {
            'button' : { click : this.onClick }

    onClick : function(btn, e, eOpts) {
        console.log("Button was clicked");

describe("Test Controller", function() {
    it("should be able to be created", function() {
        var test = Ext.create('TestApp.controller.TestController');
        spyOn(test, 'onClick');
        // Do something _here_ to simulate a button clikc
what would be the best thing to do to trigger the event handler? Short of instantiating a view class that matches the selector (which would normally be more complex, of course)