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Thread: Using Sencha Command and Integrating into Existing Project

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    Default Unanswered: Using Sencha Command and Integrating into Existing Project

    I'm trying to integrate a sencha touch application into an existing application.

    My Structure:
    /js/mobile/ - folder where my touch application will be residing

    /ext/sencha-touch-2.1 - folder where my sencha touch lib will be residing

    index.html doesnt exist, will be generated by php

    Having this structure, I have some questions.

    1.Where do I place app.json? I would like to generate it from php as well, preferably from root (outside of app folder) directory.
    2. I would like to separate the touch lib from the app folder and have it point to /ext/sencha-touch-2.1, this way I would be able to switch between versions on the fly without touch my app.
    3. How do I setup paths for app.json and how can I setup Sencha Command to build it?

    Could someone provide an example please.

    Thank you in advance. - Software Development Blog

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    app.json should go in the root of your app.

    "How do I setup paths for app.json" Paths for what? Like have the index pointing to app.json or paths to something else?
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    Well, after investigating this tool for couple of days, I came to a conclusion that it works good if you have a simple setup and follow sencha's recommended file structure. However, if you have a custom file structure and existing project, this tool is not very useful and fairly complicated to use.

    My main requirement is to have a separate folder for my mobile app and another one for my desktop but having and single entry point with index.php at the root. Also, I wanted to detach the touch lib from the mobile folder and having built one js file for touch lib (based on my dependencies and having another js file for my app.

    The best information I got was from this article, however, I still did not achieve my goal.!/guide/command_app_single

    sing this command to build:

    sencha -sdk ../ext-4.1.1a compile -classpath=js page -yui -in index.php -out build/index.php - Software Development Blog

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