Ext version tested:

  • Ext 4.1.2a, 4.1.1
Browser versions tested against:
  • Chrome 25
  • FF 19
  • IE9
  • When using a grid with forceFit to true after resizing the first column once the header and cell widths are no longer correct
Steps to reproduce the problem:

Test Case:


Operating System:

  • Win 7
Related Bugs
To answer some of the questions raised on these other threads here are our requirements (they are not put into the above reproduction because the they add more unnecessary code & I'd rather keep the code nice and simple for you guys to be able to see the bug, but here's what we're actually trying to achieve):
  • We don't want the grid scroll horizontally (hence the use of forceFit)
  • We have four columns - one column of a fixed width, all the others should take up the remaining space equally (i.e. the equivalent of what flex does, though note I haven't used flex in the above examples)
  • Our grid's width is going to be sized by a parent container's layout manager - I don't think this has any bearing on the bug above, but as it's a core requirement I've listed it here